The Italplastics GmbH

Italplastics GmbH was founded in 1999 by the Italian company GAMMACRIL and Mr. Antonino Oddo with the aim to distribute on the German market the products range of Gammacril and other Italian companies, joining the long Mr. Oddo experience on the German market with the wide products range of Gammacril. This strong connection is the key factor to offer to our customers the top in terms of service, quality and reliability.

GAMMACRILŽ is the European leader producer of acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) semi-finished products, and more precisely of rods and tubes. The standard production range includes cast acrylic rods, round and square, extruded acrylic tubes, clear, opal and satin, cast acrylic tubes and polycarbonate tubes.

The Italplastics range is completed with further semi-finished products, manufactured by some of the most important Italian and European producers: Cast acrylic blocks, cast acrylic sheets, available also in satin, fluorescent and for the sanitary market, extruded acrylic sheets and polycarbonate sheets.

Our storehouse in Mainz is supported by weekly deliveries, such as to permit us to be able to guarantee to our customers an excellent service with very short delivery times.

Italplastics is not only a "simple" plastic dealer but it's a real technical adviser involved in the semi-finished plastic products. Quality, reliability, service and professionalism are the components of our daily work.

Italplastics supply with its products range also the Polish and the Czech markets.

Due to our connection to SCUDO Plastics we are able also to offer to our customers the service of plastic recycling. Here you will get all the information about.